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Wooden By Design is a new company that has changed the fashion bowtie genre with “The Dynamic Bowtie”. We are a small veteran-owned family business; every person has served or is currently serving in our great nation’s military. As such, a portion of all our sales proceeds are donated to military focused non-profit organizations.

Why Buy a Dynamic Bowtie from Wooden By Design

We make affordable fashion that is designed for everyone. Wooden bowties are novelty items; therefore, the likelihood that a person can own as many wooden bowties as they do regular neckties is not realistic. Currently, any wooden bowtie you purchase can’t be changed, which seems pretty boring or very expensive because if you wanted to have more options, you are STUCK with that fabric. UNTIL NOW! We have given you the opportunity to have multiple wooden bowtie options through the purchase of a high quality, affordably priced bowtie from Wooden By Design.

Dynamic means to be “characterized by constant change, activity, or progress”. We live by two mottos;


1. Let Your Personality show, is at the heart of what we do. You can purchase a wooden bowtie in your choice of style and color, and because the centerpieces can be switched out, you are able to mix and match, for a different look each time. Yes it’s Dynamic!

2. Dressing for the Occasion, Image is Everything. Whether you are going to a fashion event, work, on a date, or out with your friends, our wooden bowties will not only ensure you look your best, but also give you the confidence that comes with wearing these novelty items. Your personal image is important because most people will judge you based on the first impression. Making a great first impression can lead to many benefits, including a better job, an easier social life, and more opportunities.

We wanted to provide everyone with an affordable option for self expression and image improvement. 

For example:

If you owned just (3) of our wooden bowties, and let’s say you purchased over a period of time (6) Dynamic centerpieces, You would have (18) different tie combinations. You do the math for how much (18) wooden bowties would cost you, if you bought them separately.


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