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Wooden Bow Tie

- Wipe your bowtie down with a dry cloth (Cheese cloth works well)

- Beeswax can be used to preserve or keep the wood, but not required.

- Rub it into the wood, one treatment should last months (Just a dab will do!)

- Store in box when not using to keep from being starched or chipped.

- DO NOT use furniture polish / wood polish on the bowtie



- To extend the life, remove the centerpiece when not wearing it, store flat in the box

- To clean, just wipe fabric with a damp cloth

- To flatten lay a damp cloth on it and iron on a low setting, will make your centerpiece look like new again.



Thanks Again for the Purchase!





1) Place the Dynamic centerpiece face down on a soft surface

(with the female snap facing up).

2) Lay the bowtie face down across the centerpiece forming a “T”.

(You should see the WBD logo).


3) Lay the neck strap across the bowtie.


Note: For ease of adjusting later make sure the metal clip on the neck strap is facing down.

4) Fold the bottom of the centerpiece up so that the STUD is facing up.


Holding it in place fold the top of the centerpiece down and snap the button onto the stud.

5) Adjust centerpiece on the bowtie as needed.


Note: The bottom seam should not be overly visible when wearing the bowtie.


6) Put the bowtie on, and adjust the neck strap as needed.


Note: The tie will slide easily on the neck strap, so as you adjust it, just pull the bowtie back to the front for proper placement and wear.

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